Residential treatment for substance use disorders has been part of The Haven’s mission since the beginning. Recovery simply cannot take place in an environment where patients are not safe, supported, and treated with respect. Unfortunately, this isn’t always what women experience within substance use recovery centers. Our gender-specific residential program creates a space where women are provided with the tools, trauma-informed clinical treatments, and unwavering support they need for their healing journeys.

Women face distinctive challenges, pressures, and responsibilities in their daily lives. As mothers and family caretakers, women in recovery need to grow and maintain strong family connections to enforce positive changes in their lives. For this reason, we welcome mothers to bring their children to stay with them in our residential program. We also provide a wide range of family-involved therapies and life skills programming. As much as possible, we strive to include families as an integral part of treatment planning.

Recovery: Assessment and Intake

Recovery begins with an assessment of a patient’s behavioral health and substance use history. If guidelines are met for admission to a residential program, the patient will relocate to our facilities for the duration of her treatment. Following residential care, patients may transition to outpatient or intensive outpatient care in our outpatient clinic.

Our Residential Facilities

Our residential treatment center is unique—we are able to house women and their children to strengthen the mother/child bond throughout treatment. This also provides an opportunity for women to learn and practice new parenting skills in a supported, nurturing environment. 

Children whose parents are struggling with substance abuse are at an elevated risk of child abuse, neglect, developmental problems, and future substance use. Our residential program provides an opportunity to reverse patterns of negative behavior and provide a fresh start for women and their families alike. Within our welcoming residential facilities, patients can expect:

Individual Treatment

Customized treatment planning tailored to individual needs.

Family Counseling

Individual, group, and family counseling with master’s level therapists.

Recovery Coaches

Access to recovery coaches with personal experiences in substance use.


Classes and Workshops

Relapse-prevention oriented programming with life skills and parenting classes, as well as family therapy workshops.

Positive Change

Clinically proven treatment modalities that create structure and expectations, reinforce positive change, promote independence and self-help, and teach coping skills.

Extended Support

Assistance and communication with courts, Arizona Department of Child Safety, employers, and mental health agencies.

Native Ways Residential Program at The Haven

The Haven is proud to include our Native Ways Program in our residential treatment services. Native Ways is a culturally supportive residential program designed to address the unique needs of Native American women. Under the direction of a full-time Native American licensed counselor, The Haven facilitates a variety of therapeutic activities drawn from tribal roots. Treatment options reflect the diverse cultural expressions of tribal nations and the shared concepts of respect, nature, the Four Directions, the Sacred Hoop, wellness, and balance. These traditional healing practices are blended with evidence-based, trauma-informed therapies and gender-specific treatment models from our standard residential program. 

Women and families looking for more information about addiction treatment can contact us by phone. We’ll provide an overview of your next steps in attaining treatment, including a substance use assessment. Professionals are also welcome to contact us for patient referral needs.

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