There is no one-size-fits-all therapy that’s appropriate for treating substance use disorders. Research has shown that grounding treatment in a neurobiological approach is effective for addiction management, but this approach does not look the same for every patient. At The Haven, we have structured our outpatient programs to rewire neural pathways to reduce the need for self-medication of co-occurring disorders with drugs and alcohol. Additionally, we have integrated a variety of trauma-informed therapy modalities to help women suffering from addiction regain their sense of self and then identify more positive self-care behaviors to adopt in their daily lives.

Our outpatient programs incorporate several components that are all rooted in the goal of personal growth and advancement. Our mission isn’t to simply move patients through a program and provide a certificate of completion. We provide our clients with the tools, clinical treatment, and mental health resources they need to make lasting changes in their lives. We celebrate their successes proudly and tackle any new challenges in a proactive, judgment-free environment.

Our Outpatient Programs

Admittance to our outpatient programs begins with a pre-admission assessment and American Society of Addictive Medicine (ASAM) Screening. These assessments will determine the right program structure and individualized services to meet each client’s needs. Some patients may be best served by our traditional outpatient services, while others will benefit from a more supportive, guided treatment environment in our 12-week Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Alternatively, these programs may be part of a transitional plan toward continuing care following successful inpatient treatment.

Both outpatient programs allow our clients to live at home and continue meeting personal commitments while receiving the necessary care for their recovery. These clinically proven treatment programs create structure and expectations, reinforce positive change, promote independence and self-help, and teach coping and relapse prevention skills.


Our outpatient programs are centered on treating both substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders. Each patient in our outpatient program has a unique schedule of individual and group therapy sessions catered to their needs. Individualized treatment planning and reality-based treatment that addresses patients’ real-life needs and challenges pave the way for success in a transition to a higher or lower level of care, as prescribed by our recovery coach. Outpatient care may also include resources for families—such as family therapy—and assistance with court needs and the Arizona Department of Child Safety, as well as help obtaining a sponsor and finding affordable childcare.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is a 12-week program involving 9-30 hours of weekly treatment services. These services may include individual therapy, group therapy, and recovery-based classes. This program also includes abstinence monitoring with random drug and alcohol screenings throughout the duration of treatment.

How Is Outpatient Care Different at The Haven?

The Haven strives to provide a uniquely supportive environment for individuals recovering from substance use disorders. Our programs are built upon a foundation of evidence-based, trauma-informed treatment specifically for women. So, in addition to clinical care, we provide ongoing support and assistance in facilitating childcare, providing family therapy sessions, and communicating with local courts and law enforcement as needed. Additionally, we focus heavily on living and recovery skills that support success at home and in daily life. 

Our outpatient clinic works with all insurance providers, and we maintain more affordable costs than other local treatment facilities for those paying out-of-pocket for their treatment. With centrally located facilities in Tucson, patients can easily reach us by bus. Our clinic also offers plentiful, discreet off-street parking.

Outpatient Referral Process

The Haven is a preferred provider for justice system referrals, including those from Drug Treatment Alternative to Prison (DTAP), Pretrial, and Probation sources. In addition, we accept referrals from AHCCCS, the VA, tribal courts, and the Arizona Department of Child Safety. 

Patients and families looking for outpatient addiction recovery services may call us directly for an intake assessment.

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