Why Choose The Haven?

Why us?

The Haven is a women-focused substance use disorder recovery center in Tucson, AZ. Until the early 1990s, most research on substance abuse and dependence focused on men. However, men and women experience substance use disorders differently and have unique risks to consider in their treatment. The Haven provides women with the individualized, approachable care they need to get better.

Recovery with Respect at The Haven

Our facilities aren’t so big that you’ll get lost or become just another patient. You’re known by name here, and your recovery means something to everyone on our team. We also understand that your recovery isn’t only important for you. Women are at the center of families, and substance use can have a ripple effect among their children, spouses, and even fellow members of the community. By that same token, a woman’s recovery can have a profound positive impact on those around her. That’s why our mission is to provide recovery with respect for every patient—and that respect and support don’t end when you walk out our doors. Ongoing care coordination is a large component of what we do, so you’ll continue to have the resources and help you need.

Non-Judgmental, Shame-Free
Addiction Treatment

Recovery programs don’t have to be about shame, punishment, or judgment. Our addiction treatment center was founded with the simple mission of providing women-focused therapy with exceptional peer support. That’s still who we are to this day. Many of our staff members have been with us for years—some are even graduates of our recovery programs.

Evidence-based treatment programs

We have designed customizable programs that address women’s real-life needs in addiction treatment. For example, 70% of women entering treatment for substance use disorders have children. Each of our programs—including our award-winning Native Ways Residential Program—accounts for the relationships and responsibilities women maintain in their daily lives. Women are even able to bring their children into treatment with them. In addition, we implement trauma-informed therapies that tap into the plasticity of the brain to rewire neural pathways for lasting healing:

Certifications and Awards

Take the first step towards healing with The Haven. Individuals and families can call us to schedule an intake assessment or request more information. We also accept referrals from the justice system, private employers, and other healthcare professionals.
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