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Getting Started

Helping Women Build Substance-Free Lives Since 1970

If you’re struggling with substance dependency, you’re not alone. Addiction is a disorder that affects many women in our community. At The Haven, we have been working with women in recovery for over four decades. Our goal is to guide you (and your family) through the steps that lead to a substance-free life, help you build a sober support network and provide you with the techniques to sustain a lifelong recovery from substance use.

We provide an open, accepting environment and a true network of support for our clients – from the recovery coaches you work with at The Haven, to the family members we involve in your recovery process, to the drug- and alcohol-free support community we help you find and build, we are here for you every step of the way.

Determining the right treatment program

At The Haven, our intake process helps us get to know you so we can work with you to determine how we can best meet your individual needs. Whether you begin with intensive outpatient services or start treatment in our residential program, The Haven offers a complete continuum of care to meet your needs as you progress through your recovery journey. Each month, we evaluate your progress and together, determine the next appropriate level of care for you: residential, transitional housing, intensive outpatient or continuing care services.

The importance of family involvement in the recovery process

Troubled family systems and disrupted living patterns often accompany substance use. To overcome the risks associated with substance use – child neglect and abuse, developmental problems and future substance use – the family systems must find harmony. Involving your family in your substance use recovery process improves your outcome for full recovery, reduces individual and family risk factors and builds protective factors that enhance the success of the family.