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Mission / History

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Mission / History

Improving Women’s Lives, Strengthening our Community

Recovery with Respect

At The Haven, we believe that extraordinary people live in recovery on a daily basis and that with the right commitment and treatment, anyone can overcome their substance use dependency and achieve a better quality of life.

Our Vision

A safe, drug free, compassionate community that respects individuals and does not stigmatize addiction and dependency.

Our Mission

As an influential leader in the community, The Haven’s non-profit mission is to offer the highest quality prevention and treatment services for women who, but for our program, would be homeless and hopeless. The Haven offers women ‘Recovery with Respect’ while encouraging their spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical development. We value affordable, safe, state-of-the-art substance abuse therapy that puts the Client and their Family first. Our focus on women and the acceptance of their children into residence is unique in our community.


Founded in 1970, The Haven began when a group of local women in recovery expressed concerned about the lack of substance use treatment facilities in Tucson for women and their children. After a series of community meetings, a Board of Directors was formed, by-laws were adopted and The Haven became officially incorporated.

A property for The Haven was then acquired and community contributions provided the necessary furnishings. Located in a residential area, The Haven enjoyed cordial and cooperative relations with surrounding neighbors. Initially Big Sisters of The Haven, a newly formed volunteer auxiliary group, staffed the home. Many of these women were recovering from substance use disorders.

In 1971, the first full-time House Director was hired and in 1976 a full-time addictions counselor was added to the staff. In May 1977, with the help of concerned community members, The Haven moved its residential treatment services to its current location. Over the years, we have expanded our services to meet the growing and changing needs of the community. In addition to residential treatment services, we began providing Intensive Outpatient Services in 2015 at our second location on Campbell Ave.