Jody Louise Little, LAC, MBA

Jody Louise Little is our Outpatient Program Manager who’s been with us since 2018. With 13 years of healthcare experience, Jody has helped grow our outpatient recovery services and update departmental policies and procedures for higher standards of patient care. She also provides training and support for the outpatient and intensive outpatient teams to maintain […]

Allison La Croix, LMSW/BHP

“Tomorrow is another day”—that’s Allison’s motto. Bringing a future-oriented perspective to our inpatient residential program, Allison is constantly taking feedback from clients to better support their recovery and serve future clients. Allison offers a calm, empathetic ear to both residents in recovery and other providers on our residential team as our Residential Program Manager. She […]

Diane Anderson, MAOM, CPC

As our Director of Operations, Diane is a facilitator of communication within all levels of our team. Quite simply, Diane is that team member who’s always making sure that everyone else on the team is doing what they should be—and that they’re appropriately trained to do it. That translates to a more consistent continuum of […]

Frank Pallavicini, MSEd, LPC

Frank is a licensed professional counselor with an extensive history of leadership of behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment programs. He joined our team at The Haven in 2020. Frank has quickly become a strong advocate of our mission to provide trauma-informed, evidence-based care for women struggling with substance use disorders. His experience includes […]

Margaret Anne Higgins, MBA, PhD

Margaret is a familiar face at The Haven; she’s been with us since 2005 and brings more than 40 years in management and education experience to our team. Following her personal motto—“Don’t be beholden to stereotypes”—Margaret strives to destigmatize substance use recovery. She also endeavors to create more community and governmental support for programs that […]