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Native Ways

Native Ways

Treatment within a culturally supportive community

Our award-winning Native Ways program offers culturally supportive treatment options for Native American women with substance use disorders. In this program, individualized, residential and outpatient services integrate traditional healing practices with evidenced-based, gender-specific treatment models.

Therapy is designed to meet the unique needs of Native women and draws on their cultural strength to promote healing and recovery. Treatment options reflect the diverse cultural expressions of tribal nations and the shared concepts of respect, nature, the Four Directions, the Sacred Hoop, wellness, and balance.

The Haven has set aside accommodations specifically for Native Women who choose to experience treatment within a culturally supportive community. In consultation with the clinical team, children may reside with their mothers and are welcomed to The Haven.

We employ a full-time Native American, licensed counselor who facilitates the following therapeutic activities, which are available to both native and non-native clients.

  • Medicine Wheel
  • Smudging
  • Talking Circles
  • Sweat Lodge
  • Pipe Ceremonies
  • Native music and art
  • Storytelling
  • White Bison 12-step meetings (TIC)